The 3 Reasons Why I Love Parisian Style

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The 3 Reasons Why I Love Parisian Style

If you're ever feeling down about your style, just think about all of the amazing style moments that Paris has been responsible for. From the Christian Dior dress to the Chanel suit, there's no way that you can't love the Parisian style. So if you're ever feeling lost and need a little inspiration, take a look at these three reasons why Parisian style is the best!

1. The Timelessness of Parisian Style

There is something undeniable about the Parisian style- it just feels timeless. Whether you're a fan of Art Nouveau, Belle Époque, or Deco styles, there's something undeniably charming and stylish about Parisian design. And while many aspects of Parisian style may be historically accurate (like the use of light and color), others are often exaggerated for effect (such as the tall buildings). But no matter how much you alter or update a classic style, at its core it will always feel fresh and unique. That's why so many people opt to adopt a French aesthetic in their own home- it simply looks better!

2. The Mixing and Matching Ability of Parisian Style

Parisian style is known for its mix and match ability. You can wear whatever you want, as long as it fits within the general aesthetic of Paris. This allows you to create your own personal look that is unique to you.

You don't have to be a fashion expert to pull off this style - all you need are some smart choices and a bit of improvisation. For example, if you're wearing a dress but want something more casual on top, opt for a blouse or sweater instead of an outfit-suit. If weather conditions call for snug clothes, go with oversized items like sweaters or jackets rather than trying to squeeze into smaller pieces that might not fit well. And always keep in mind the principle of balance: choose equal parts luxe and practical items so everything looks cohesive together. 

This versatile approach to fashion makes Parisian style adaptable no matter what situation arises - whether it's pouring rain outside or 100 degrees inside!

3. The Classic Elegance of Parisian Style

Parisian style is known for its classic elegance. This timeless look is perfect for any occasion - from a simple dinner out to a formal event.

Here are five tips on how to achieve Parisian style: 

- Choose neutral tones and colors, such as black, white, beige, and gray.

- Stick to clean lines and shapes. Avoid ornate details or excessive ornamentation.

- Keep accessories minimalistic - choose just the right amount of jewelry and accessories to complete your outfit without being overbearing or overshadowing your features.

- Make use of textures - lace, chiffon fabric, fur coats, etc., to add richness and dimension to your look.

- Opt for comfortable clothes that you can wear all day long without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable

Whether you're planning an elegant evening out with friends or just looking for something special to wear at home, the classic elegance of French design is perfect for any occasion.

Parisian style has always been popular, and for a good reason.

The city's famous architecture, history, and culture oozes with romance and sophistication. Whether you're looking to adopt some of the city's swankier fashion trends or simply want to feel more comfortable in your own skin, adopting Parisian style is a great way to start. Here are four tips on how to make the most of Parisian style: 

1) Dress For Your Weather - No matter what time of year it is, you should always dress appropriately for the weather situation. In colder months, layers are key; in hotter months avoid heavy clothing unless you're going outside (then pull out all the stops!).

2) Stay Consistent With Your Wardrobe - If you like wearing dresses but hate having them fit perfectly every time you wear them, try switching up your wardrobe rotation by incorporating trousers into your rotation instead. This will help keep things fresh without breaking the bank! 

3) Mix And Match Accessories To Create A Look That Suits You - Don't be afraid to mix and match accessories as long as they go together well and compliment each other visually. Hats are a great example- choose ones that suit your outfit and hairstyle combination at hand! Fez hats were huge back in the day because they could be worn with anything from skirts to pants- that versatility really stands out nowadays! 

When it comes to fashion, Parisian people are known for their impeccable taste in fashion. Each outfit they wear is a clear example of how they love to experiment with different styles and cuts. They often turn heads with the way they pull together their outfits and accessories. All thanks to the right mix of kudos, talent, and hard work!


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What to wear, when you have nothing to wear

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What to wear, when you have nothing to wear 

Do you ever get stuck in a rut when it comes to fashion? Maybe you're trying to dress for work, but your weekend wardrobe just doesn't cut it. Or you're trying to figure out what to wear to a party, but you have no idea what's in style. Well, don't worry - we've got you covered! In this blog post, we'll teach you five easy tips for dressing when you have nothing to wear. From choosing the right outfit pattern to blending in with your surroundings, we'll help you look your best no matter what the situation. So read on and get ready to feel fashion-forward again!

Tips 1. Choose the right outfit

If you're feeling stuck in your fashion comfort zone, it might be helpful to break out of it and try something new. One easy way to do that is by choosing an outfit pattern that's different from what you usually wear. For example, maybe you're a fan of high-waisted pants and blazers, but why not try going for a less traditional look this time around? Or perhaps red is your favorite color and you want to rock some bold outfits all winter long - go for it! The important thing is to experiment - there's no telling what might become your new go-to outfit pattern!

Tip 2: Choose a versatile outfit pattern

When you don't have anything to wear, it can be tempting to stick with the same old outfit pattern. After all, that's what worked for you in the past. But resist this temptation! Instead, choose a versatile outfit pattern - something that will look good on multiple occasions. For example, think about choosing an overall silhouette like a crop top or high-waisted trousers. Or try opting for more fitted pieces like jeans or a tailored dress shirt. Either way, you'll always look stylish and put together no matter what the situation!

Tip 3: Work with your surroundings

When you don't have anything to wear, it can be tempting to just try and blend in with your surroundings. But that's not always the best idea. Instead, work with your surroundings - whether that means choosing a color palette or selecting pieces that will complement the colors around you. For example, if you're going out at night, choose pieces in darker colors like black or navy. Or if you're dressing for a casual day at home, go for brighter shades like yellow or blue. Either way, by taking this approach you'll look stylish and stylish without spending a lot of money!

Tip 4: Take advantage of the sale season

When it comes to dressing when you have nothing to wear, there's no better time than sales season. Not only are department stores usually running discounts on clothing, but also specialty retailers like Zara often offer free shipping on orders over $50. So don't be afraid to try out new outfits - even if you haven't had the chance to buy them yet. And remember: even if an outfit isn't outright brand new, it's still likely going to look good thanks to its versatile pattern and complementary colors.

Tip-5: Wear clothes that fit well oversized or stretchy so they can be comfortable and versatile. 

This works especially well with items like dress shirts, skirts, and pants. Mix and match different colors together to create a more interesting look. Bright colors will help offset any dark circles or spots on your skin, while neutrals can work well with every complexion color under the sun. Consider using accessories like hats, sunglasses, belts, bracelets - anything that adds dimension or visual interest to your outfit (and makes it easier for you to stand out from the crowd). 

Accessories you can use to complete your look 

1) A hat to shade your eyes from the sun or hide any blemishes

2) Sunglasses to add a pop of color and protection from the sun

3) Belt to cinch in your waistline (or wear loose for a more comfortable look)

4) Bracelets, necklaces, rings - anything that will make you stand out and express your personality

5) Earrings - to add a touch of brightness and color to your look  

Do you want to look fashionable even when you have nothing? Then, read through the tips shared above. The best part of this article is that it doesn’t include only fashion tips. You will also see some great beauty hacks in the end! No one will know how much effort and time you put into getting that outfit. Just make sure your look as amazing as possible and let the people drool on the clothes!  

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The best way where stylish inspiration can be found

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The best way where stylish inspiration can be found


Whether you're a beginner or a fashion veteran, there's always room for improvement. That's why it's important to take fashion inspiration from all sorts of sources - from classic looks to trendy trends.

But which sources are the best?

When it comes to fashion, there's no one right way to look. That's why we've put together this list of the best ways to take fashion inspiration - whether you're looking to dress up or down, there's something on this list that will suit your needs. From celebs to street style stars, these are the individuals who are inspiring us right now, and we hope that you take a look at their work and find some new inspirations of your own. Who knows? You might end up looking just like them!   

Below are some of the best places to find fashion inspiration: 

  • Popular online platforms like Twitter and Instagram hugely influence what people wear and how they style their hair. Follow influential accounts to get a good sense of current trends before making any decisions. 
  • Check out popular fashion blogs or magazines to see how other people have styled similar items. Magazines are another great source of fashion inspiration. Read lifestyle, celebrity, or general interest magazines to get an idea of which styles are currently in vogue. Also, check out special editions or dedicated sections devoted to specific types of clothing (e.g., formalwear, summer clothes). 
  • Attend professional events such as shows or runway shows. Not only will you be able to see all the newest designs firsthand, but you'll also be able to speak with designers and other professionals about upcoming trends and styles. 
  • Visit high street stores during promotional periods (e.g., pre-fall/winter collections) or when a big sale is going on so that you can try on different pieces without spending too much money upfront. 
  • Experiment with different styles and colours until you find what works best for your unique personality and style. 
  • Take photos of yourself wearing whatever inspires your current mood (or take random snapshots). Use these as visual references when creating outfits or designing your wardrobe.
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Jewellery That Will Make You Feel Like a Princess

Do you feel like a princess every time you put on your jewellery? If so, you’re not alone! Many people love wearing delicate and beautiful jewellery, and there are many options available today that will make you feel like a glamorous queen or princess. From delicate earrings to sparkling diamond necklaces, these pieces are sure to make an impression. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular and beautiful pieces of jewellery available today and explain why they’re so popular. So whether you’re planning a special event or just want to add a touch of luxury to your everyday wardrobe, these jewellery trends are perfect for you. Ready to feel like a hot fashionista? Let’s get started!


Earrings are one of the most popular pieces of jewellery, and there are a variety of options available to choose from. Whether you’re looking for delicate earrings that will make you look like a princess or statement earrings that will turn heads, you’ll find the right pair here. In addition to being popular among women, men also love wearing earrings – especially diamond studs! So whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, these simple but stylish pieces are perfect for any outfit.


One of the classic elements of any princess-style outfit is a beautiful necklace. Whether you’re looking for a delicate diamond necklace or something more statement-style, you’ll find the right option here. In addition to being popular among women, men also love wearing necklaces – especially diamond necklaces! So whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, these simple but stylish pieces are perfect for any outfit.


Another popular item of jewellery is bracelets. Whether you’re looking for classic gold bracelets or something more creative and colourful, you’ll find the right option here. In addition to being popular among women, men also love wearing bracelets – especially gold and diamond bracelets! So whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, these simple but stylish pieces are perfect for any outfit.

Beauty products

If you’re looking for a little luxury in your life, then beauty products are the way to go. From face masks to lipsticks, there’s something for everyone here. And not only do these items add a touch of luxury to your everyday routine, they also help improve your appearance overall. So if you’re looking for ways to look and feel better about yourself, then be sure to check out these great beauty products. 


If you’re looking for a little extra height in your outfit, then heeled shoes are the way to go. Not only do they add an element of style and refinement to any outfit, but they also provide better padding when it comes to protection from falls or injuries. So if you’re ever feeling unsafe on the dance floor or during outdoor activities, be sure to choose some heeled shoes as your safety precaution!


Another great way to elevate your everyday outfit is by adding a watch. Not only watch be stylish and practical, but they can also add an extra layer of sophistication and class to any outfit. And whether you’re looking for a luxury timepiece or something more affordable, be sure to find the right option here. 

Crowns and diadems

If you’re looking for a way to add sophistication and class to your look, then crowns and diadems are definitely great options! Not only do they add an extra layer of glamour to any outfit, but they can also help improve your appearance in other ways. For example, crowns can help improve your complexion by adding some coverage and lightening up skin tones. And diadems can also enhance your features such as eyes or lips by adding emphasis or definition. So be sure to check out our selection of Crowns & Diament here!


Rings can be a great way to add an extra touch of luxury and class to your look. Not only do they provide an elegant focal point for your outfit, but they can also help improve other features such as eyes or lips. So whether you’re looking for a simple ring or something more elaborate and designer-like, be sure to check out our selection here!


Now that we’ve presented you with such a long list, If you want to feel like a princess and shine as the centre of attraction, just get yourself one of these beautiful pieces. These jewels are not only beautiful but also affordable. In case you want to add some of them to your jewellery collection, just make sure that you buy high-quality products because these pieces could be worth a lot in future.

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Vridhi Jain is Miss Teen India Universe 2019

Glamanand group has crowned Vridhi Jain as the Miss Teen India Universe 2019. The Miss Teen India girl from 2018 pageant who was one of the winners will now represent India at Miss Teen Universe pageant in Mexico this November.

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5 Types of Jeans You Need to Live Your Best Damn Denim Life

Jeans are something you wear all the time, so pairing up one of the finest styles of jeans will track all of your favorites here.

Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans are known for their figure-hugging gesture, so having a skinny jean in your wardrobe is the best ideas in the mind. Most comfortable in the genre of skinny jeans and it goes well with any kind of tops also.

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Ripped Jeans for Women

It’s something we do every day — wear clothes! So, it somehow makes sense that we all have a few clothing tips and tricks up our sleeve. Fashion in the world of today is not meant for just celebrities, we, the commoner also get influenced by a variety of ranges of fashion statements day by day. Media has exposed common people to the world of fashion. Television, newspapers, the internet, and all other means of communication have exposed people to the changing fashion trends, getting updated every season with a superior idea of clothing sense.

A new trend, the ripped jeans look is gaining the spotlight from quite a few years because today is the fashion date for comfort and effortlessness. Something is refreshing about ripped jeans but carrying this style should be with the little right attitude.

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Outfit Color

Mehandi and Haldi are two important functions of an Indian wedding. Right now there is the hype for some very crazy outfits which brides are trying surely for their wedding. Going out of that typical comfort zone brides are trying something different and yes these are the statement for being sassy yet classic.
So here are some outfit colors you can surely try for your D day functions.

There is always a tradition of wearing yellow during Haldi as it is a symbol of good luck but if you want to go out of the box and have a sass war you surely can pick parrot green color as the shade for your outfit and if you can try to inculcate color go for some blues and purple surely going to give a kick to your outfit. Go with lightweight dresses but with some eye-catching colors.

For Mehandi it depends upon the time of the function if it is in the morning go up with some pinks will surely make your Mehandi shots look good for this you may skip lehenga and go for some gowns surely going to give a kick to the color plus you will have some beautiful shots too.

If you want to go for classic yellow just add some tint of color to it surely going to make the outfit beautiful will add a tint of color to the subtle yellow.
Hope this article going to help you a lot to choose your outfits for the functions.

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Makeup changes over a period of time

Makeup is something which has tended to come a long way this was discovered around Egyptian time it was introduced in Egypt and it evolved from time to time. Many cosmetic materials are still popular today which include kohl and Heena. Men and women of all classes would decorate their eyes with colored kohl, usually in dark green, black or blue. The world’s first anti-wrinkle serums were also used in ancient Egypt.

The journey of makeup was begun from this particular period. Whereas in China Royals wore gold or silver while the lower classes were only allowed to wear bright nail colors. Plum blossom makeup was famous at the time which was originated from a folklore tale. the evolution was never-ending and then it comes the 20th century the makeup this time was all about powdering the face and to look white.

The cosmetic routine at this time involved a simple powdered face, pinching to bring color to the cheeks, and darkening eyelashes with burnt matches. Colored petals or wet red tissue paper were used to color the lips. Beetroot was a popular supplement for a lip stain and proved relatively harmless compared to the use of boot polish as mascara.

Then comes the 21st century where makeup has done the most of its achievements. In the 21st century, makeup is for everyone. Men are quickly catching onto products such as concealer and eyeliner to enhance their features. Now more than ever, makeup is seen as a tool of self-expression, whoever that self may be. More products are introduced to the market every now and hence till now the makeup has covered a long journey and would be covering all along.

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Fashion you tubers you must follow

Youtube has given us much creative content maker over some time. Youtube is our go-to destination for every single problem you surely would have excess youtube whenever you are cooking and for many other things too. so here are some makeup channels you can surely access to for your fashion and makeup related queries.

Shreya Jain
A single destination for your beauty and fashion-related queries one of the best content creators you will find on youtube you will be able to find the solution to many of your problems.

Shy styles
If you want to go for some affordable skincare and beauty products and makeup tutorials you can surely go to this youtube channel you will found a variety of videos.

Shruti Arjun Anand
One of the Indian beauty channels to cross millions of subscribers the best place for learning makeup tutorials and some life and beauty hacks. A channel you must visit and learn.

Debashree Banerjee
Another you tuber is known for content you can surely go and check out the channels for more skincare routines and days for that short.
Hope you like the article

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Latest 2019 Fashion Trends for Women

A new year, new trends and newest collection of fashion all around. It’s another season, and you’re revaluating yourself and your storage room, recollect? So, we have picked a portion of the most recent and most wearable design patterns for ladies to help them out with fashion statements.

Shirt Dresses Fashion Trends for Women in 2019
Shirt Dresses Fashion Trends for Women in 2019, it’s been a while, shirt dresses are comfortable and as well as stylish wear to any one of the destinations. In any case, this season, creators have reconsidered the shirt-dress with uncommon fashion cuts and styles.

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Fashion blunder of 2018

Last year was surely a year of many changes many new trends were set but the year didn’t surpass the fashion trends. Year gave us many goofy and unpractical trends that were insane in some senses for sure.

Let’s have a glimpse of some of these trends which were set last year

Neon trend
From Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez and many others were seen head-to-toe in fluorescent look. But practically out of fashion shows and events you cannot pull neon that too heads to toe this easy. So hence the practicality of this is doomed.

Biker’s shorts
These were pulled in from 2017 and continued in 2018 too. These are comfortable to wear but difficult to team up on a daily bases note. So practically they do work out but boundaries will be created to play with the outfits.

Transparent plastic shoes
Something that is still trending in 2019 too you can team up these with any of the outfits without giving a second thought but the level of being uncomfortable in these is unexplainable the moment your foot start sweating there will be slipperiness going all around. So you cannot wear these for long.

Tiny Sunglasses
Still trending but practically there is no as such use of these because the exact use of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from sun rays but these failed badly in their job so another blunder you can say.

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Best online fashion store to style yourself!
  1. Shein:
    The e-commerce platform was founded in October 2008 with the philosophy that “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion”. The business covers more than 220 countries. It is the largest online fashion store, that mainly focuses on women’s wear and also offers men’s apparel. A website where you can get all the updated clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and other items. It has a trended fashion style where you can buy with your budgeted amount.
  2. Myntra:
    The largest Indian fashion e-commerce store, where you can buy clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, furniture and home decor with more than 1000 brands. And also provides the best deal of easy return policy of 30 days. With your pocket-friendly money, you can shop from this amazing website.
  3. Ajio:
    If you have craze about wearing Indian clothes, then this is the best website to scroll for shopping. Ajio also offerers western wear, accessories, fusion wear for women, males and children. The website is owned by the richest man of Asia Mukesh Ambani.
  4. Amazon:
    How can we forget the popular website owned by Jeff Bezos, The largest e-commerce website where you can find A to Z products. One of the popular website to buy online fashion items like clothes, accessories, and shoes. On Amazon, you will find products at the cheapest rate and also at the highest rate.


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5 pieces you need for your summer trip

Whether you’re hitting a chic European city for a long weekend or jetting off to the Mediterranean for a few days of beach bliss, our 10-piece summer holiday packing list will see you through your whole getaway in style. When you are planning for a short trip in summer, these listed pieces are just your last minute needs to pack your bag.


• The classic white T-shirt
Scoop neck, V-neck, crew neck – whatever style you prefer, a classic white tee is a holiday wardrobe must-have. Whether it be a historical or classical place, a must needed classic white tee is an absolute pleasure to have. You can surely pair up this tee with any kind of jeans or palazzos and they can light up your signature style.

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5 Outfits for When You Want to Look Casual but Cute

Spring is almost here and I am so excited to wear shorts, flowy dresses, and casual wears. Need some cute but casual outfit inspiration yourself? Here are a few styles that will help you to create a fashionable identity of looking casual and cute at the same time.

Trendy but Low-Key Vibe
You’ll surely glow in the fresh and clear spring sky in a cool tee of comfortable color. Pair it with jeans and flaunt this cool outfit of the day. In the clear spring season, the trendy vibe with super cool t-shirts will make your style comfy and gorgeous.

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