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Delhi the capital of India is famous for many things and the best part about Delhi are you will find every kind of food from Chinese to North Indian, South Indian and many more so that why Delhiites are foodie hites a name that suits us.
So here is a list of mouthwatering street food you must try in Delhi


  1. Gol Gappe
    So if you ever visit Delhi the best thing to try is Gol Gappe also known as puchke from spicy to khatta meetha you will find it as the best snacks over here and don’t forget to drink the jaljeera water at last.
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Dinner delight

A perfect Christmas is nothing without a delicious amount of food, a fabulous outing is incomplete without an appealing meal and when it’s from your favourite restaurant it is moreover awesome. This Christmas went well with a visit to Park Street and having a delicious meal at Mamagoto, Park Street.

Fiery Thai Shrimp Fried Rice with Asian Green Chilli Chicken Ribbons:

My meal started with Fiery Thai Shrimp Fried Rice with Asian Green Chilli Chicken Ribbons that is an exotic signature dish with spicy rice and the classic flavour of plates of seafood. It has some classy taste served with salad and fried
chicken ribbons and beautifully garnished with a fried egg. I loved the ambience and the food as well.


Kolkata Spicy Noodles: A new dish added to the flavours of new year and Christmas delights, it is noted with classic chilli garlic with chicken, crispy and crunchy they are the perfect adjectives to suit for this extraordinary meal.

Home-made “American Style” Chunky Caramel Sponge Cake: A signature dish of their very own, it is the most amazing dessert I have ever tasted, it is a warm dish served with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream. Coated with cheesy caramel and crafted with the dazzling flavour of warm caramel is something I would love to have one more.

Litchi Rose Martini: Any seasons specific, but mocktails are the best to warm up the flavoursome taste after such a grand meal. And this one Litchi Rose Martini is something so icy cold refreshing indulgent.

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5 vegetarian Bengali dishes that are a must try for everyone

We, Bengali people are always known as a foodie, whenever we are upset or hungry, the first thing comes in our mind that is trying new foods every time. We love everything from veg or non-veg sections. Here I am listing out few of the mouth-watering vegetarian Bengali dishes which are a must-try for everyone.

  1. Bhaja Moog daal khichuri: 
    This is a staple food during any Pujo at a Bengali home or when it rains. This special khichuri is made with fried Moong Daal and tastes amazing with a dollop of Ghee.
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5 Must Have Bengali Dishes You Need to Try

If you are fond of Bengali dishes, you shouldn’t miss these wonderful dishes. Whether it be Alu posto or luchi, you should try these out. Bengali dishes are the most delicious and you are going to miss these if you don’t taste these.

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5 most popular dishes from around the world

It’s always so special about the food, whenever we try to discuss the most popular dishes around the globe, we always end up arguing about various kinds of dishes belonging to different cuisines. So, if you are in dilemma of choosing dishes, this list can help you out.

• Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding
In UK, roast band Yorkshire pudding is a Rockstar dish and a national treasure. Yorkshire puddings were originally served as fillers before the main course, it is naturally taken with roasted potatoes or any other starters.

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