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BTS Jin has surpassed Jungkook, Recorded The Biggest Debut

With the release of The Astronaut, Jin has surpassed Jungkook to become the Korean solo artist with the biggest debut in the history of the Billboard Global 200 chart.

The release of BTS’s The Astronaut has prompted intense interest in the album’s potential chart success. It appears that Jin, a member of BTS, has achieved the highest debut position for a Korean soloist on the Billboard Worldwide 200 chart. In the rankings, he comes in at number ten. The ARMY is in a jubilant state. Tomorrow, you can read this year’s Billboard Hot 100 report. They can take heart from his current chart position that his new album on the other chart will also be successful. The Astronaut is a song written by BTS Jin but also Coldplay. This live performance took place in the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and featured the singer from the bands Awake and Epiphany.

The photoshoot for “Astronaut” had its behind-the-scenes sketch recently made public. Jin jokes in the new video that he suffered from epiglottitis for days before recording the song, so the crew should just look at his face and not force him to sing. ARMY’s admiration of Jin’s hairstyle all along turned out to be for naught when they discovered that it was a wig. As Jin says in the clip, “I’m wearing a wig. I exude nerdy cool, but I’m actually a total dork in this situation. Characters with this haircut tend to be vivacious and mischievous in American television shows. I want to convey exactly that idea.

While the enlistment dates for the remainder of the group are still somewhat up in the air, Jin is predicted to join the military as soon as this year. In 2025, the group will likely get back together again. The fact that BTS Jin was competing against such heavy hitters as Taylor Swift and Rihanna only adds to the significance of his accomplishment. It just so happens that BTS Jin’s album release date coincided with those of two other music legends. Consistent with expectations, Taylor Swift is dominating the Billboard charts. The most recent albums she has released have been released in several different iterations. Jin has BTS ARMY’s heartfelt congratulations on his tremendous success.

Meet Anne Jakkaphong Jukrajutatip - MUO's New Owner

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The month of October gave us some insane, high voltage pageant drama and we are ready to serve the boiling hot tea to our loyal pageant fanatics from all over the world. Be it the annual carnival of Miss Grand International or the romantic union of former Queens, October was definitely the month for Pageant Fans!

The crown for creating the biggest buzz however, is taken by the Veteran Alpha – Miss Universe! With a new owner, MUO is all set to welcome their fans into their New Era – The JKN Era! Tons and tons of promises have been made and it’ll be exciting to see what the new MU team has to bring to the table. Earlier this year, pageant fans worldwide anticipated a change in ownership of the venture and many big names were considered as the potential MUO owners, including the JKN Group. 

On 26th October, Endeavour Group sold the licensing rights of the Miss Universe Organization to Thai Media Tycoon – Anne Jakkaphong Jukrajutatip, deeming all auction speculations as true. With the change in ownership, fans expect the Miss Universe Pageant to have a new set of rules and ideologies, but before we get into that, let’s meet our new Owner – Anne Jakkaphong Jukrajutatip!

Anne is a Thai businesswoman and the CEO of the JKN Global Group – a leading content management and distribution company based in Samut Prakan, Thailand. She was born on 17th February 1979 to Thai based Chinese parents – as Andrew Jukrajutatip. As a four year old, Anne was admitted to an all boys school, making her feel uncomfortable and very out of place. Growing up, she was heavily bullied and sexually harassed by both her teachers and her classmates in school for her gender identity and being more feminine. She was stuck, juggling two different personalities at school and home. Her parents didn’t accept her choice of gender, which is why she had to live the way a boy is expected to live in society.

She revealed in an interview that she’d often steal her mother’s makeup and lock herself up in her room at night. She’d then look at herself in the mirror, dreaming to be the girl in the mirror someday. 

Anne could not identify herself as a woman until she turned sixteen and flew to Sydney to pursue her degree in International Relations. Her transition began around this time, when she grew out her hair, down to waist, wore more feminine attires and began using makeup to fully embrace the woman in her. However, when she returned back to her home country – Thailand, her decisions weren’t accepted well by the society, and especially, her family. Her mother threatened to commit suicide and end her own life if Anne didn’t return to being her son – Andrew. So Anne had to take a step back.

For the next 15 years, Anne lived as their son, managing her father’s business, until she could no longer hold it in. At the age of 36,having had enough, Anne decided to run away from her family and start living her life the way she wanted. She was anxious and paranoid about losing her family, her friends and her business relations because of her one life altering decision, but she wanted to be truthful to herself and her identity. She could no longer pretend to be someone she is not. She wanted to make her own identity, the one that really identified her individuality. She underwent ten reconstruction surgeries over the course of the next three years. Anne explained how the process was hard and “looking like a mummy for months” was very draining but it was all worth it in the end because she is now one hundred percent a woman.

Anne also went on to explain how her whole transition was never about sexuality or being gay, it was about her feeling trapped inside a wrong body. Her family is now a bit more accepting about her choices but she isn’t very close to them and doesn’t spend too much time with them – “i wouldn’t want to scare them with my toy boys “ she joked while talking to the Times Of India.

She has since won several awards for both her business and her influence including a Woman of the Year Award by Content Asia in 2019, Influential Woman of the Year Award in Media Industry, and the Most Influential Person in the Thai Entertainment Industry 2022. Anne has also now created history by acquiring 100 percent ownership of the Endeavour Group, that holds the licensing rights to Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants, making her the sole owner of the three of the world’s biggest pageants. She’s also the first woman and the first non – American personality to ever own Miss Universe. With Anne’s entry into the MU Team, we can expect some major revolutionary changes in the pageant’s eligibility criteria and overall evaluation process.

As we sit and admire her story, we must understand what power our dreams hold. Life continues whether you have what you want, or you don’t. Until Next Time, Stay Tuned! 

5 Things that are triggering your acne

The most pressing matter in the world for adolescents and adults is acne. People who have acne experience severe despair because whenever they look in the mirror, all they see are the spots that cover up their true beauty. In their desperation and haste to just get rid of the condition, acne sufferers simply start applying multiple chemical products to their faces, further damaging their skin. People start worrying about how to simply get rid of that rather than trying to figure out the cause of their acne condition. 

In that case, if you’re one of them, stop right now and ask yourself if you’re leading a healthy lifestyle. And when I say “healthy,” I don’t necessarily mean purchasing high-end, imported products. And to be quite honest, there are many medications out there that would guarantee the treatment of acne. However, before we can find a solution to our problem, we must first understand the underlying cause of this condition. Therefore, before delving into the various causes of acne, we must first understand its foundational cause. We all know that we have hair on every part of our body, including our face, therefore when the hair follicles become clogged, acne develops.


  1. Stress 
    A common myth is that stress contributes to acne, although it’s untrue. However, if you already have acne, it can get worse if you feel stressed at that time. 
  2. Genetic 
    It is often believed that if your parents had acne, you could also. Where there are genes involved there is usually a possibility and uncertainty as well.
  3. No hygiene 
    Acne can also result from sleeping on dirty blankets, pillowcases, and sheets since those germs directly touch your face when you sleep on them. 
  4. Oil-based skincare item 
    As we are all aware that oil and acne don’t go hand in hand so where there is oil and your acne-prone skin then acne will pop up. So, someone who uses oil-based skin care products like moisturizers, oils, and other such things could develop acne.
  5. Poor diet  
    Well, if you consume foods high in carbohydrates, such as pasta, bread, and other items in that category, you will likely get acne concerns. Fast food, added fats, and dairy items can all contribute to acne issues.
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